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LGBTQ+ Equality

Empower vulnerable communities. 

Sexual orientation and gender identity are not protected classes, leaving millions of Americans vulnerable to discrimination. Our current laws do not adequately protect communities that are most vulnerable to violence and discrimination. 

  • Pass the Equality Act, the Do No Harm Act, and any legislation extending protected status to individuals based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

  • Restore the Voting Rights Act to protect against voter ID laws that can deny transgender individuals access to the ballot box. 

  • Reverse the Trump administration’s ban on transgender people serving in the military.

  • Provide federal funding to school districts that implement LGBTQ+ inclusive programs including:

  • School curricula that includes sex education, acceptance, and inclusivity.

  • Training for educators and administrators on how to discuss LBGTQ+ issues in age-appropriate ways.

  • Training for school healthcare providers in how to recognize, support, and provide medically accurate information for students who are coming out.

  • Gender-neutral bathrooms.

  • “Safe School” policies that allow students to anonymously report incidents of harassment and assault.

  • Improve the treatment of transgender inmates by providing adequate gender-affirming healthcare and ensuring gender-appropriate housing for inmates.

  • Decriminalize sex work

  • Ensure access to non-discriminatory gender-affirming healthcare and services.

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