Legislative Philosophy: Evidence-Based Universal Liberalism


A $1,000/month universal basic income for every American adult and $500/month for every child.​


Expand Medicare to cover all Americans. ​​​


Your data should be yours. 


Transition to restorative and rehabilitative justice. 


Your vote should count. 


A $100 clean elections voucher for every American adult.


Net zero emissions by 2050.


Expand federal investment in affordable housing development.


Empower vulnerable communities. 


Build upon the Wyoming legislation to bring back crypto innovation to NY and the U.S.


The Great Rebuild 

Invest in a multi-trillion dollar scale public works and infrastructure plan to re-employ tens of millions of Americans in the wake of the new Great Depression and this global pandemic. Invest tens of billions in fiber optic development to ensure universal access to high-speed internet. Invest in public transit, and sustainable city design. Explore creative financing mechanisms such as a common-ownership self-assessing tax mechanism, continuous public auctions, and quadratic funding to fund public-private infrastructure development. 

Carbon Fee and Dividend

Set an initial carbon tax of $40/ton, which would increase in regular intervals until it hit $100/ton. Allocate at least 50% of revenue towards sustainable energy, infrastructure, and transportation development.  

Paid Family Leave 

Guarantee 6 months paid family leave for all parents, including the birth of a new child, adoption or foster care to promote health, employment, and family cohesion. 


Ensure the solvency of Social Security. Support seniors and enable retirement in dignity through the biggest expansion of Social Security in our lifetimes - a universal basic income. 

Women + Equality

Codify Roe. Ensure comprehensive contraceptive care is covered under health insurance plans. Repeal the Hyde Amendment. Support the Pregnant Worker Fairness Act. Fully fund Planned Parenthood. Refuse to contract with firms that don't provide equal pay or disclose salary information. 

Guaranteed Childcare 

Invest in, incentivize, and guarantee universal childcare and universal pre-K. 

Mental Health Investment

Increase access to mental health resources, integrate mental and emotional wellness into the greater health care system. Integrate regular mental health checkups into primary care. Invest in suicide prevention, build the mental health workforce, improve funding for crisis helplines and veteran mental health. Leverage telehealth services to mitigate accessibility barriers.

Gun Safety

Pass universal background checks, close the gun show and Charleston loopholes. Prohibit bump stocks. Invest in mental health, increase funding to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and the US Department of Veteran Affairs Suicide Prevention efforts. Let the CDC research gun violence. Invest in de-escalation training and personalized gun technology. Implement a federal licensing system and voluntary buyback.

Disability Rights 

Ensure healthcare covers preventative care services for people with disabilities, such as assistive mobility devices, hearing aids, adequate catheters, and sufficient physical therapy visits to prevent secondary conditions. Expand access to early detection, intervention, and care for children with disabilities. Invest in accessible public transit, ADA-compliant hospital facilities, and ensure equal access to care. 

Regulation of Artificial Intelligence 

Refund the Office of Technology Assessment. Create a Department of Technology to monitor technological developments, assess risks, and create new guidance. Invest in public-private partnership to identify and mitigate emerging threats while promoting innovation and sustainable growth. 

Student Loan Relief

Reduce student loan payments by ensuring the federal government does not profit from educational loan servicing. Provide immediate blanket relief and then implement a federal student loan relief with a 10x10 plan, where the federal government would relieve student loan debt and allow students to opt-in to commit 10% of their salary per year for 10 years, after which the balance would be forgiven. Enable discharge through bankruptcy. 

Counter-Extremism and De-Polarization Investment  

Properly designate as domestic terrorism, standardize federal prosecutions, disrupt multinational networks, and investigate to the fullest extent of the law, treating white nationalism and domestic terrorism as a Department of Justice and FBI priority. 

Social Media Addiction Reduction

Trillion dollar companies have purposefully designed addictive platforms without considering their effects on developing brains. Our kids are spending hours every day on social media and becoming more tired, stressed out, and depressed because of it. Create a Department of the Attention Economy to help ethically design smartphones, social media, gaming, and chat apps. Provide screen use guidance. 

Net Neutrality 

The repeal of net neutrality protections threatens the free internet for all Americans. It is imperative that we protect this technology so that all Americans can continue to enjoy unfettered and affordable access to the internet.

Vocational and Technical Education Investment

College is being over-prescribed. Dramatically increase investment in technical, vocational, and apprenticeship training and de-stigmatize non-college paths.

Legislative & Judicial Term Limits 

Implement 12-year legislative term limits and 18-year Supreme Court term limits. 


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