Andrew Yang Supports Jonathan Herzog’s Bid For Congress

Jonathan Herzog, a civil rights leader, educator, and legal advocate, with nearly a decade of experience in the movements fighting dark money in politics, poverty, and hate, is running for Congress to represent NY’s 10th district. Jonathan is proud to have the support and endorsement of his friend Andrew Yang.

Jonathan is running for congress in Andrew Yang’s home district, NY-10. Their relationship began when Jonathan joined Andrew’s campaign in 2018 as the campaign's 6th hire. Together the small team travelled across the country, laying the groundwork for a groundbreaking presidential campaign.

After the campaign had begun an exponential growth trajectory, Jonathan decided that he would run for congress in order to help write and pass the policies that he and Andrew support. He declared his candidacy in August 2019 and received support from Andrew and the Yang Gang. Now he is running for congress in NY’s 10th district championing Universal Basic Income, and other transformative policies.

Andrew Congratulated Jonathan on Twitter! Link:

Jonathan is honored to have Andrew on his vacancy committee. Vacancy committees are the strongest public endorsements in New York. Andrew is proudly at the top of Jonathan’s vacancy committee. This means that Andrew would step in to fill the role if Jonathan were ever unable to fill the position of Congressman.

As the incumbent Jerry Nadler knows well, vacancy committees are the strongest public endorsements in New York. In 1992 Nadler was appointed to the seat via vacancy committee when Weiss died the day before the primary..

Jonathan Herzog’s petitions showing Andrew Yang as his first Vacancy Committee member.

Jonathan is also the only federal campaign that Andrew Yang has donated to in the past year.

Andrew Yang Donated $500 to Jonathan’s Campaign in August 2019

Herzog, soon to be 25, would be the youngest member of Congress if elected. He would also be the first Israeli-American member of Congress, and the first openly gay Representative for New York’s 10th District - home to one of the largest LGBTQ populations in the country.

Herzog graduated first in his class at Harvard, holds an MBA from New York University’s Stern School of Business, and served as co-President of student government at Harvard Law School, where he is now a teaching fellow for legal and political philosophy. In 2018, Herzog built and led Andrew Yang’s campaign in Iowa, helping make Yang the “internet candidate” and a top contender for the nomination.

On his historic run, Herzog noted: “We are proud to be a part of a wave of dozens of #YangGang running in districts across the country. As Freedom Democrats, we fight for deep freedom, not shallow equality. We fight to raise the floor, not lower the ceiling. We fight to fix the system, not find others to blame.”

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