Herzog Challenges Nadler to Three Debates

Updated: Jun 5

New York, NY, May 26, 2020 - Jonathan Herzog, civil rights leader, legal

advocate, and Democratic Congressional candidate in New York’s 10th district,

challenges Representative Jerrold Nadler to the first televised debates in the

district's history -- one every week beginning June 1st.

After leading the #ShakeUpCongress car parade at City Hall, protesting the

exclusion of recurring, non-means tested cash relief from the HEROES

Act, and trending twice nationally on Twitter with nearly 20,000 tweets this past

weekend, Herzog and the #YangGang pushed Nadler to make his first public

statement with a step towards recurring cash relief in his endorsement of Tim

Ryan and Ro Khanna's $2,000/mo Emergency Money for the People Act.

This, on the heels of trending #CongressPassUBI with over 50,000 tweets,

getting Speaker Pelosi to make her first public statement in favor of universal

basic income and having Rep. Tim Ryan declare himself #YangGang.

On the developments, Herzog noted: "As U.S. COVID-19 deaths near

100,000, more than 1 in 5 of whom are New Yorkers, the #YangGang won't

settle for lip service. Congress has been on recess. The former CDC Director found that up to 80% of all deaths in New York alone could have been avoided

if New York had shut down just 10 days sooner. Elected officials playing

pandemic politics contributed to the deaths of tens of thousands and

threatened the lives of hundreds of thousands. For shame. We've entered a

new Great Depression. We need unconditional direct cash relief for all now --

no means testing, no strings attached."

Referring to his lawsuit win to protect civil liberties and voting rights, Herzog

added, "What's more - New York Democratic Party leaders shamelessly tried

to cancel the state's primary, after warning that Trump would do the same.

They lost twice in federal court. This, after refusing to terminate the in-person

congressional petitioning process, which began at the same time as the first

documented case of COVID-19 in New York, until nearly two weeks later.

Herzog has drafted The Emergency Cash Now Act, an emergency universal

basic income of $2,000 for every American adult, and $1,000 for every

American child for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the

Freedom Dividend Act, a Universal Basic Income of $1,000 for every American

adult and $500 for every American child in perpetuity.

Two networks have already agreed to host debates. The #YangGang would

bring historic ratings and engagement in a win for any network hosting the NY-

10 debates. The 10th District is ground zero for the winner-take-all economy --

home to Wall Street, but also where 1 in 6 lived in poverty even before COVID-

19. In parts of the 10th District, up to 40 percent of residents have fled the city

for areas with lower infection and fatality rates, illustrating the critical role of

direct cash relief not just for economic recovery but also public health.

Herzog demands the first of three televised debates happen by June 1st, the

date after which the CDC projects a 9/11 death toll every single day. Any

recognition of this "incalculable loss" requires holding elected officials to

account. The same elected officials who encouraged New Yorkers to "go

about their everyday lives," "take the subway," "take the bus," "stop buying

masks," and continue to petition for ballot access nearly two weeks after the

first COVID case in New York. In order to uphold an open democracy,

Networks should publicly demand that Nadler participate in three televised

debates and avoid shirking his constituents on the front lines of the pandemic.

Other NYC districts have already started holding debates. New Yorkers in the

10th deserve nothing less.

Herzog is a civil rights leader and legal advocate born and raised on the border

of Hell's Kitchen and the upper west side. He has nearly a decade of

experience at the vanguard of this era's civil rights fights, including the

movements against dark money in politics, poverty, and hate. He worked handin-

hand with the Senior Adviser and Counselor to the Attorney General on New

York's first-of-its-kind anti-corruption joint task force. After launching the

campaign's first digital ad, Herzog was subjected to widespread Google News

indexing manipulation by Sinclair affiliates, which is under federal

investigation. Herzog graduated first in his class at Harvard, completed his

MBA at NYU Stern, and served as co-President of Harvard Law School's

student government. If elected, he would be the youngest member of

Congress (at 25), the first Israeli-American member of Congress, and the first

openly gay Representative for New York’s 10th District, home to one of the

largest LGBTQ populations in the country.

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