Herzog Statement on Federal Lawsuit

Updated: Jun 5

Jonathan Herzog, "the leading primary challenger to House Judiciary

Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler," joins Andrew Yang in filing a federal

lawsuit against the New York State Board of Elections after the state election

commission canceled the Democratic presidential primary.

On the decision to cancel the primary, Michael Sandel, "America's greatest

moral philosopher" said: it "was a terrible precedent...a terrible mistake...a

political misjudgment of very consequential proportions." On the lawsuit,

Sandel noted: "It's very important...for exactly the reason that you [Herzog]


New York, NY, May 4, 2020 - Jonathan Herzog, Democratic Congressional

candidate in New York's 10th District, and founding member of Andrew Yang's

2020 presidential campaign, joins the former presidential candidate in suing

the New York State Board of Elections in federal court.

On the suit, Herzog noted: "Trump has already used COVID-19 as pretense for

'total' authority. Will the Court let him cite the New York State Democratic Party

and Board of Elections' decision as precedent to try to postpone or cancel the

2020 presidential election? History is watching."

"It is very important...we have to make sure that the November elections are

not postponed. We have to keep our eye on what's really important if we are

to appreciate...the dangers of moments of crisis," added Michael Sandel.

Sandel, the "world's most relevant living philosopher," on the Board of

Elections' decision, noted: "it is just the wrong step to take, if we take seriously

the dangerous possibilities that are lurking not far beneath the surface in

this crisis."

Zephyr Teachout, the nationally recognized scholar and leader in the fight

against corruption remarked: "It is absolutely essential that states follow

constitutional limits on election cancellation and ballot access precisely

because we have a profoundly lawless President, who will use any bad

precedent to build his case for unfettered power."

On the dangerous precedent, Herzog added: "The road to the Reichstag fire

was paved with kindling. Never again."

Oral arguments are scheduled to begin Monday, May 4th at 2:00 pm EDT.

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