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Publicly Funded Elections

A $100 clean elections voucher for every American adult.

  • The corrupting influence of money in politics is at the root of nearly every issue we face, from climate to gun safety.​

  • Politicians spend 30-70% of their time dialing for dollars.​

  • Democracy Voucher programs empirically work.

  • Democracy Dollars would drown out big money in politics.

  • Publicly funding elections will enable candidates and representatives to raise funds from all American voters. 

  • It does not require a constitutional amendment. 

  • President Theodore Roosevelt in 1907 endorsed the idea in front of Congress. Congress passed public financing for presidential elections in 1971. 

  • Public funding programs have since been successfully implemented at the state and local level. These programs have improved the relationship between citizens and their representatives by:

    • Increasing the number of small donors

    • Opening the door for new policies

    • Empowering all voters, regardless of wealth

    • Diversifying candidates and elected officials

    • Broadening donor demographics
      Reducing candidates’ time spent on fundraising

  • Learn more about the effectiveness of public funding of elections →

  • In a previous study, the total of small donations roughly tripled, and candidates who participated in the voucher program raised a much higher percentage of their overall funds from constituents than their non-voucher and pre-voucher counterparts.



Citation: https://equalcitizens.us/equal-dependence/

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